OA High Adventure

If you love High Adventure, and you’re going to be 16 by next summer, you can go to one of 4 High Adventure destinations for a couple of weeks of service and fun, exclusively with the OA!  A lifetime experience only available to Arrowmen!  You can’t do this with your unit.  It’s exclusive to Arrowmen aged 16-21 ONLY!  Check out one of the exciting adventures that awaits you ONLY with OA High Adventure!

To attend, you must fill out a National Application form, that must be approved by your Scout Executive.  Applications and more info are available by clicking here.

Philmont OA Trail Crew

This 2-week adventure includes conservation work on the world’s foremost Scouting experience, then taking a custom trek through the 130,000 acre Back Country.  Check out our VERY OWN Rich V. in the video!  Ask him next time you see him how AWESOME trail crew is.

For more info on OATC Click Here

Northern Tier Wilderness Voyage

One-half of the OA Northern Tier Wilderness Voyage focuses on portage trail and campsite maintenance within the Boundary Waters. The remaining expedition is spent on a canoeing adventure that is planned and chosen by the participants in the program.

For more info on OAWV Click Here

Florida Sea Base Ocean Adventure

A 10-day experience in which you will experience wilderness camping, kayaking, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, team building (including a trip on a war canoe) and of course cheerful service. The program will be conservation based and will seek to help protect the eco-system of the Florida Keys.

For more info on OAOA Click Here

Canadian Odyssey

The Canadian Odyssey allows Arrowmen to see and explore entirely new territory while at the same time providing crucial service. Odyssey crews will labor to repair and maintain portage trails in Ontario during the first week. The second week they will paddle back to the United States on a route of their choosing.  AWESOME!

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